Diabetic Pixie

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Diabetic Pixie

So I'm up and have to take a shower to get on with the day, but I feel really lazy today. I don't know why though, I'm usually pretty active in the morning. I usually crash before 11pm so this is very odd. I think I have been having second thoughts about everything lately. I just don't seem to want to do anything anymore, and that's really not me.

I took my rabbit outside yesterday. He has this bright blue leash, and he loves to go running outside. When I got him at the petshop, they told me he was a girl, so I named him Chicory, but I found out a few days ago, my baby girl was really a boy... I still like the name Chicory, and I still love the rabbit of course, it was just weird. So anyways, I'm going to take him outside again tonight because he really loves it, and he behaves himself better outside than indoors...and there's no electrical wires! Everyone laughs because they've never seen a rabbit on a leash before, but that's me...


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